Cylinder Head Developments
Cylinder Head Developments
56 Sherwood Road
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Bromsgrove, Worcs. B60 3DR
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Gallery - some of the work we do

CHD balances all combustion chambers so they're the same "capacity", then polishes for a fabulous finish and flow. Three-angle Valve Seats

CHD's porting is beautiful, both on the inlet and exhaust sides. Shape and size are equally as important, and it's all done by hand. Porting

Aside from ports, CHD does a lot of work on the valve throat area, usually restrictive, this aids flow and gas speed considerably.Valve Throats

CHD are Kent Cams dealers and can fit the naughty sticks into his worked heads. To the right - standard vs CHD combustion chambers and ports.Combustion Chambers and Ports

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